The Plains Vintage Railway and Historical Museum
PO Box 5051
Tinwald, Ashburton 7700
New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 308 9600
Rogers 'K' 88
Running Today:
Rogers 'K' 88

The Plains Vintage Railway & Historical Museum

For A Truely Heritage Experience...

Train travel must be the most romantic and relaxing form of travel ever created. Add a touch of olde world elegance in the form of an Edwardian era train and top off with a steam locomotive straight out of New Zealand's pioneering past and you've got it all. The sun sparkles on the locomotive's brass work as it chuffs sedately along, through the pleasant pastoral countryside. Smoke and steam drift back along the train from its funnel as the cars gently rock and creak along behind, their wheels singing out that once familiar clickety-clack sound as they roll by...

Ah yes, at The Plains Vintage Railway & Historical Museum that's just where the truly heritage experience begins!