Rural History - Tractors and Vehicles

Our tractor and vehicle collection is extensive, with a number of once common day now rare items. Check our 'Open Days' page for information on when you can see these classical machines of the past for yourself!

Farmall M

The  Farmall M was the row crop version of the W6. Made in America by the International Harvester Company. It is powered by a 4 cylinder petrol engine developing 35 h/p.

Fordson Major Half-Track

The Fordson Major Half-Track was an alteration to the standard wheeled Fordson Major, the alteration could be farm-fitted or dealer fitted at the purchasers request. The track kit was provided by Roadless and is their type DG4.

Lanz Bulldog Model N

Our model N  Lanz Bulldog was built in Germany in 1938. It is a 35H/P single cylinder tractor made to run on crude oil, although it will run on diesel or any oil. They were a very common feature around Canterbury farms.

This Bulldog was donated in 1977 and its restoration completed and it placed on display in December 1979.

McCormick Deering AW6

The McCormick Deering AW6 was made in Australia at their Geelong factory, this AW6 was made in 1952.

The AW6 is of the same design as their American cousins - the W6 - but have slightly more horsepower due to the, having a 4inch bore as opposed to the 3 & 5/8inch bore of a W6.

The AW6 is powered by a 4 cylinder petrol engine, developing 40 horse power.

McCormick Deering WD6

McCormick Deering WD6 .  A 37H/P  4 cylinder petrol start diesel tractor  made in the USA from 1940 to 1946

OLB Bedford Truck

An old petrol powered OLB Bedford truck which once was owned by the Midland Co-Op Dairy Company here in Ashburton.
It is one of many Bedfords that operated in our district.

Series II Field Marshall

The Series II Field Marshall was made by the Marshall Company of Gainsborough, England.

It is a two stroke single cylinder diesel tractor developing 40 horsepower.

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